Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science


University of Paris 8
Tbilisi State University Ivane Javakhishvili

Degree type: Bachelor’s degree between the University of Paris 8 and Tbilisi State University Ivane Javakhishvili



This course provides the foundations of the IT profession in all its complexity and current variety to a broad student audience, coming from a variety of secondary education backgrounds. Upon graduation, the student is able to design and implement programs and quickly acquire a new programming language; he has a thorough understanding of computer systems and is able to adapt to all hardware and software environments. He also has a general knowledge and an in-depth knowledge of another scientific field (mainly mathematics).

In IT, the shelf life of a technique is often three to four years and obtaining a job presupposes an ability to adapt to the company’s choices. The training therefore focuses on methods of acquiring knowledge. The course covers all aspects of fundamental computing (such as artificial intelligence, graphic programming, parallel algorithmics, neuromimetic networks). The content of the training is constantly updated in line with the most recent advances in computer science, developments in scientific computing and the evolution of material supports to prepare students for future technological developments.

This course offers a national degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris 8 and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the State University of Tbilisi. It plans to extend to Master level for the in-depth training of young French-speaking computer scientists, the development of scientific research networks and the establishment of a centre of excellence in computer science on a regional scale.


Program Structure


1st year – 1st semester:
Introduction to computer architecture
Introduction to programming languages
Mandatory language
Introduction to scientific reasoning and computer practice
Probability and statistics
Introduction to general mathematics
Modern language

1st year – 2nd semester:
Introduction to functional languages
Logical language
Mandatory language 2: application to the Linux system
Methodology and documentation
Mathematical analysis
Object language
French 2

2nd year – 3rd semester:
Data structure
Foundations of artificial intelligence
History of science
Numerical calculation
English 1
French 3

2nd year – 4th semester:
Parallel machines
Program implementation
Web technologies
Expression techniques
English 2
French 4

3rd year – 5th semester:
Advanced Algorithmics
Combinatorial algorithms
Interpretation and compilation
Networks: models and applications
English 3

3rd year – 6th semester:
Graphical programming
Real-time systems
Language Engineering
Signal and image processing
English 4
Individual project


Teaching method

The teaching programme is accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, with, in addition, extensive training in the mastery of the French language. The courses are taught by a mixed college of French and Georgian teachers. The courses are a balance between lectures and tutorials (2/3, 1/3). Course materials (texts, exercises, examples) are available on the course website. Particular importance is given to computer practice (about thirty computers for a maximum of 3*25 students).


Admission requirements

Candidates to the programme enroll at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Tbilisi State University (UET) Ivane Javakhishvili. After finishing the first year (60 ECTS) they continue their studies by following the joint model with the University of Paris 8 (3 years, 180 ECTS).
The study organization chart:


Tuition fees

The students will be enrolled at Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University during the 3 years of this program. They will be able to benefit from scholarships from the Georgian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports through a partnership with the Franco-Georgian University.

Tuition fees at the University of Paris 8 amount to 2770 euros per year for non-EU citizens. However, within the framework of the Franco-Georgian University, the tuition fees of the University Paris 8 will only represent 180 euros per year for Georgian students.



One of the conditions for obtaining a degree from the University of Paris 8 is to spend 1 semester in Paris 8. To this end, the University of Paris 8 is responsible for setting up an Erasmus+ project to provide financial support for these mobilities.


The internship

The internship is not mandatory. But AUF funding would allow students to be sent for one month to the computer labs of the University of Paris 8. This internship does not take place systematically. Instead of an internship, the student must support an individual project in the final year.



At the end of the course (after having obtained at least 240 ECTS and after having validated the compulsory courses of the programme) students obtain two diplomas: a national degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris 8 (UP8) and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Tbilisi State University.