Bachelor Degree in Food Technologies

Production Management in Milk Industry

University of Rennes 1 – Georgian Technical University


Type of degree: Vocational Undergraduate Degree / Double-Degree



Georgian has a long tradition of cheese making among other dairy products made from milk transformation. Most of them are produced in a traditional way in different parts of the country for a very small scale of consumers. To answer the growing demand of the local people and export prospective, several enterprises are now proposing industrial products. This industrialization of the milk industry comes with challenges related to food quality, food safety, economic optimization, adapting to legal norms and new dairy products requirement, notably in the framework of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) conducted with the EU in September 2014. The dairy production industry requires skilled workers that are able to both manage a global workshop activity and manage teams.

This Bachelor degree aims at giving the competences to the students to excel in this industry by reinforcing their knowledge and mastery in dairy products, as well as providing them with transversal competencies required to be a proximity manager. Therefore, this degree prepares the students to work in the private sector, in governmental and nongovernmental organizations such as dairy companies, cheese making plants, milk collecting cooperatives, companies, laboratories, geographical indication certification system, associations working for the improvement of milk and products quality, Ministry of Agriculture and affiliated agencies.

The program taught in Georgia is based on the already existing program implemented in Rennes 1 University – IUT de Saint Brieuc. Therefore, by enrolling in this program of the French-Georgian University, the students will benefit of the exact same program as French students, directly in Georgia and adapted to the needs of the country.
One mandatory internship is included in the program to grant the students with a first professional experience in order to facilitate their access to the job market after their graduation. During the internship, the student will produce a report thesis and defend it in front of a jury to complete the program.


Program structure


1st year – General program in food technology delivered be the GTU

2nd year – General program in food technology delivered by the GTU

3rd year – During the 3rd year of the program, the students are introduced with several subjects related to their specialization in milk product management, delivered in English, to prepare for the final year full taught in English and dedicated to the specialty of Dairy products.

4th year – The last year of the program is composed of 32 ECTS dedicated to compulsory specialty subjects, 8 ECTs are allocated to personal, individual and group projects and 20 ECTS for the industrial practice. The industrial practice can be done in either milk factories, small scale cheese production companies, hygiene and quality control organization, among others.


Composition of the 4th year:

Module 1: Harmonization and Upgrading (applied statistics, units and conversions, IT, documentation approach and monitoring)

Module 2: Knowledge of the enterprise and its surround, capacity to lead a team and workshop

2.1 Enterprise knowledge (study of the dairy industry, economics of enterprise)

2.2 Management (human resources, hierarchic line, law regulation, social rights)

2.3 Communication in a professional situation (human resources, visual communication, participating management, conflict management, English professional communication)

Module 3: Industrial and Technological knowledge in Dairy industry

3.1 Milk and transformation (preparation treatments, main pathways of milk transformation)

3.2 Cheese, specialties and fresh products (management of co-products, new cheese production, technological gears control)

3.3 Milk concentration, drying and by-products

3.4 Milk fat production

3.5 Milk ingredient, functionality knowledge and control

Module 4: Global performance management

4.1 Mastering and controlling performance factors (microbiology, chemistry, sensorial analysis, rheology)

4.2 Project management (methodology, plant construction)

4.3 Performance measurement (production management, computer-aided production engineering, etc)

4.4 Planning and scheduling

4.5 Global performance management

Module 5: Project leadership (tutored project)

Module 6: Work experience

16 weeks – The student will have to produce a final professional report and defend it in front of a jury for the final examination of the program.


Teaching methods

The teaching is delivered at the Agrarian Faculty of the Georgian Technical University via both Georgian and French professors from the University of Rennes 1 during the 4th year of the Bachelor degree. Languages of teaching are Georgian for the first 2 years, English and Georgian in 3rd year and exclusively in English in the 4th year.


Professional experience

To complete the program, the students will spend 16 weeks in a professional environment and writing its final bachelor thesis internship report that will be rewarded with 20 ECTS.
This first experience of work before graduate will enhance the profile of the students to access the job market after their graduation.



In order to be eligible to enroll in the program, the student must have knowledge of English of B2 level before the start of the 4th year. The proficiency shall be testified either with a certificate from a certified institution such as TOIEC, IELTS, or tests provided at the GTU.


Tuition fee

The students of the double-degree program will be enrolled at the GTU for 4 years of the program. The students will be supported with scholarships from the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture And Sport of Georgia in the framework of the French-Georgian University.

The students enroll at the University of Rennes 1 in parallel for the final year of the program. Tuition at the University of Rennes 1 is 2770€/year for non-EU citizens, but in the framework of the French-Georgian University, the tuition fee in Rennes 1 University will only be 180€/year for Georgian students.



Mobility is not mandatory to complete the program. Eligible students can nonetheless apply for a mobility scheme of their choice through the GTU administration. The mobility cannot take place during the 4th year of study.


Long life learning

Persons coming from the professional field with sufficient experience in the area can also access to the desired modules of the program and graduate from the program. This particular enrollment can only be done if the person can provide elements and documents that can testify to the equivalence of the already acquired professional experience with components of the program.



After the successful completion of the studies, the students will obtain 2 degrees: one Bachelor Degree from the GTU (240 ECTS) and one Degree of ‘Licence Professionnelle’ (Vocational Bachelor Degree – 60 ECTS) from the University of Rennes 1. Both degrees grant access to graduate programs (Master’s level) in Europe and in all other international higher education institutions that recognize French and Georgian degrees.