Bachelor Degree in Food Technologies


Production Management in Milk Industry

University of Rennes 1 – Georgian Technical University


Georgia has a long tradition of making cheese and other dairy products through milk and cheese transformation. Most of them are produced in a traditional way in different parts of the country for a very small number of consumers. In order to respond to the growing demand of the local people and export prospective, several companies are now proposing industrial products to the market. The dairy production industry requires skilled workers that are able to both manage a global workshop activity and to manage teams.

This degree prepares the students to work in the private sector, in governmental and non-governmental organizations such as dairy companies, cheese making plants, milk collecting cooperatives, companies, laboratories, geographical indication certification systems, associations working for the improvement of milk and products quality, Ministry of Agriculture and affiliated agencies.

As a part of this program, students will spend 16 weeks in a professional environment, writing their final bachelor thesis (internship report) that will be rewarded with 20 ECTS. This first work experience before graduation will enhance the profile of the students to access the job market after graduation.

Eligible students can also apply for a mobility scheme of their choice through the GTU administration, although it is not mandatory for completing the program. 

First three years are delivered by GTU and are taught in Georgian. 4th year – The last year of the program is fully taught in English and includes compulsory specialty subjects, personal, individual and group projects and industrial practice. The industrial practice can be done in either milk factories, small-scale cheese production companies, hygiene and quality control organizations, etc.

After the successful completion of the studies, students will obtain 2 degrees: one Bachelor Degree from the GTU and one Bachelor Degree from the University of Rennes 1. Both degrees grant access to graduate programs (Master’s levels) in Europe and in all other international higher education institutions that recognize French and Georgian degrees.

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