Benefits of Double-Degrees


Double degrees would increase the chances of finding a job. But these highly appreciated diplomas, at the interface between two disciplines, prepare complete professionals. As the world becomes more complex, they are beginning to take an interest in hybrid profiles. It all depends on the skills that a person has developed during these studies, but the Franco-Georgian University students will have the chance to discover a different teaching method and automatically develop transversal skills.

These opportunities to study at another university and in another country are a unique opportunity to learn a new language and graduate from a recognized university abroad, which is particularly useful when the student is looking for a job. Learning in two languages contributes greatly to the future employability of the students, who will be valued in the labor market. Studying and living abroad has several other, less noticeable advantages that should also be taken into account. Immersion in another culture is a great way to develop a more open-minded attitude and experience another way of life. In addition, the skills you will acquire by working with students from other countries will prepare you well for modern and international workplaces.