What language are studies carried out in at the French-Georgian University?

Studies are carried out in 3 languages at the FGU – Georgian and English, or Georgian and French. The language of the studies varies by programs.

Programs in French:

  • Bachelor’s Degree course in Computer Sciences
  • Master’s Degree course in Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Programs in English:

  • Bachelor’s Degree course in Food Technologies
  • Master’s Degree course in Winemaking and Viticulture

What is the threshold for mobility from a different university? (Scaled score?)

There is no predetermined score threshold for mobility to the French-Georgian University. During the mobility period announced biannually interested candidates should go through a particular procedure on the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement website: https://eqe.ge/geo/static/41/Students-Mobility/rules

What is the score threshold at the National Exams required to get into FGU?

There is no predetermined score threshold (for any university or program for that matter). The scores sufficient to get into French-Georgian University depends on competition, amount of applications and available spots.

What is the cost of a Bachelor’s Degree program at FGU?

Each student applying to the French-Georgian University will receive a double scholarship from the Georgian government, fully covering the fee.

What is the cost of a Master’s Degree program a FGU?

Each student applying to the French-Georgian University will receive a double scholarship from the Georgian government, fully covering the fee.

Will there be any additional Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree programs available at FGU?

There are other specialties to be added to available degrees in the future.

How do you apply to FGU, how does one select FGU as their choice? (From eqe)

Students can select French programs by partner universities – The Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University and the Georgian Technical University during the registration for Unified National Exams. They can also change their choice after taking the exam, once the FGU programs are on the joint list.

How long are the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs at FGU?

Master’s Degree programs cover 2 years – 4 semesters, whereas Georgian and French programs for the Bachelor’s Degree are altogether 4 academic years long.

Are there exchange programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs? Where to?

Both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students will participate in exchange programs at partner universities in France and through internship programs.

Where is the French-Georgian University campus located?

FGU-ს The head office for FGU will be based at Tbilisi State University and represented at the Georgian Technical University. There is no single building or campus is provided.

Are professors Georgian of French?

The study process at FGU will be carried out by both Georgian, as well as French professors invited from partner universities.

Are there academic job openings at FGU?

There are no academic job openings, since courses will be led by the academic personnel from Georgian and French universities.

Are French or English mandatory to apply to the French-Georgian University?

Based on the program selection and language in which the course will be held, students will have to have knowledge of English or French.

After passing the National Exams, what steps are required for a student to start studying at FGU? Are there any internal exams or interviews and what are selection criteria?

There will be different internal procedures based on specialty. Mainly, after passing the National Exams, students will be selected based on interviews carried out by the French and Georgian selection committee.

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