Master in Viticulture and Oenology


Montpellier Supagro/University of Montpellier 

Georgian Technical University


Type of degree: Master Degree – Master of Science / Double-Degree


Throughout the program, the students will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of viticulture, wine making, wine appreciation and wine business. These transversal skills will grant the student with the ability to produce wine from A to Z, from growing a vineyard to the sales of wine to the consumer. The student will learn about new techniques, modern methods, and innovations used while managing a vineyard and winery. The program gives the opportunity to the students to develop relevant skills in current practices of harvesting grapes, processing grapes into wine in a commercial vineyard or in a winery. The students will also gain analytical skills used in wine laboratories, to have a comprehensive understanding of the process of creating a flavor and an aroma thanks to specific viticulture techniques.

This program has been developed to prepare future enologists to the local and international labor market demands and thus enhance their employability and competitiveness on the market. This program is also practically-oriented to ensure that the graduates are ready to meet the highest expectations of the wine industry. The French-Georgian program is taught by high-level French and Georgian professors from Montpellier University, SupAgro Montpellier, the Georgian Technical University and the National Wine Agency of Georgia. The teaching staff of the program is notably composed of internationally renowned oenologists and Professor such as Alain Deloire:

Teaching methods

The teaching is delivered at the Agrarian Faculty of the Georgian Technical University via both Georgian and French professors from the SupAgro Montpellier during the 2 years of the degree. Language of teaching is English.

Professional experience

To complete the program, the students will have to engage in a professional practice in winery during the 3rd semester (year 2) that will count for 6 ECTS of the total curricula.


The studying rights on a Master’s program is entitled person who has at least a bachelor’s or equivalent academic degree and has English knowledge in the level B2, that must be approved by appropriate Certificate from Institution with special Accreditation, or tests providing by the University. The person will be enrolled according the results of the Graduate Record Examination (based on the Graduate Record Examinations, and tests in specialty submitted in the English language). Sample tests will be posted up on the website of the Department of Education of GTU at least one month before the start of the examinations. Admission to the Master’s program without passing the examination may be established by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Tuition fee is 2250 GEL per year. 


Mobility is not mandatory to complete the program. Eligible students can nonetheless apply for a mobility scheme of their choice through the GTU administration.


After the successful completion of the studies, the students will obtain 2 degrees: one Master Degree from the GTU (120 ECTS) and one Master of Science (120 ECTS) from Montpellier SupAgro. Both degrees grant access to postgraduate programs (PhD) in Europe and in all other international higher education institutions that recognize French and Georgian degrees.

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