Why Choose FGU

  • FGU grants the opportunity to obtain original French degrees at a reasonable cost while studying in Georgia.
  • After graduating from the FGU, each student will receive two degrees: one from the Georgian University and one from the French University.
  • FGU focuses on key sectors of Georgian economy and to create the workforce that is already needed now and in the future.
  • FGU provides double degrees for both Bachelor’s and Master’s level between French and Georgian Universities.
  • The lectures are conducted by French & Georgian professors in Georgia.
  • French-Georgian University offers also mobility programs to France.
  • FGU is a true intercultural experience during which the student will learn like a French student.
  • The FGU programs provide the students with practical training on site with partner companies.
  • After graduation, the students will be able to become specialists armed with modern competitive knowledge and European level professional skills.
  • Thanks to high-level French and Georgian education, the FGU aims to train the future European young professionals of Georgia with advanced intercultural competences need for today’s world market.