Why FGU?


Our ambition is to become a regional platform of education and culture which will welcome and unite young people from Georgia and the whole region


The main goal of French-Georgian University (FGU) is to create a coordinated set of double French-Georgian degrees in Georgia in strategic sectors such as tourism, the agricultural sector or new information technologies, with the aim of developing these fields in the country.  

This project was inspired by similar programs implemented internationally by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research as well as the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. These programs include French-German and French-Italian universities. 

FGU will also contribute to the internationalization of Georgian higher education system by offering internationally recognized double degrees to Georgian students. Thanks to affordable French academic programs in Georgia, Georgian students will no longer have to leave their country for years in order to get a high-quality European education.


 FGU shortly

  • FGU offers an opportunity to obtain a French diploma at an affordable cost, while studying in Georgia.
  • The courses are given by French and Georgian professors.
  • After graduating from FGU, each student will receive two degrees: one from a Georgian university and another from a French university.
  • FGU focuses on the key sectors of Georgian economy in order to train professionals who will have advanced intercultural skills which is in high demand in the labor market. Moreover, studying in several languages will greatly contribute to students’ future employability.
  • French-Georgian University also offers programs facilitating mobility to France and the possibility of doing a professional internship with partner companies in Georgia and abroad.