France-Georgia Cooperation in Education


The FGU is a project carried by the French and Georgian governments.

Since 2017, the French government has supported the visits of French professors to Georgia to enable them to work on this project and build together with Georgian universities the pilot programs of the FGU. The FGU project is following the strategy of the Georgian government to make of Georgia a regional hub of high quality education, by bringing French high quality education directly to Georgia. The French Embassy has been directly involved in the development of the project that is high on the agenda of the relations between the two countries.

Following the demands of the Georgian government to accompany the internationalization of the Georgian Higher Education and to help make Georgian universities giver a better offer to train the needed professional for today’s world and Georgian economy, the partners of the FGU together with the French Embassy in Georgia have been working hand in hand to choose the relevant program to help Georgian where needs were identified and where the French expertise could bring a lot : agriculture, tourism, wine and oenology are fields of French excellency that are being brought to Georgian youth within the FGU.

The French Institute of Georgia has been coordinating the communication between the French and Georgian universities for the construction of the project as well as involving the private sector to develop professional education within the project.